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The Mongol ian Altai mountains of western Mongolian offer a beautiful landscape coupled with three unique cultures - Mongolians, Kazakhs, and Tuvans. The area is rich in wildlife and provides one of the last refuges for the Altai Argali, the world's largest sheep, as well as the endangered Snow Leopard. In addition, western Mongolia is rich in archeological sites that vary from ancient petroglyphs to stone carvings from early Turkish nomads. To travel in western Mongolia and visit this area's nomadic people between the snow covered peaks of the Altai Mountains means to experience something that cannot be repeated anywhere else in the world. On a trip though this region, one discovers new horizons, will feel the beauty of unexplored wilderness and experience the freedom of nomadic life.

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    To Olgiy

    Transfer to UB airport and fly 3hrs to Olgiy. (one hour time difference). Walk around town in the afternoon.Met by kazakh crew and transfer west.A half day drive to Dayan Lake, near the frontier with China. First drive to Sagsay soum, and have a hot lunch at Hargan River, Continue via Karagul (Black Lake).  Arrive to a campsite on the lake side. (Tents/BLD).
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    To Baga Turgen Uul

    Drive nearby western side of Hurgan Nuur and Hoton Nuur,where  many Nomadic Kazakh families spend summer.Along the lakes,we see the beautifull waterfall,rockprintings and some ancient Trukic stones with face.On the right side we see the snowcapped mountains with forest,which make the wall between China and Mongolia.
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    To Snake Valley

    Driving towards Altai Tavan Bogd,we will stay on Snake Valley.There are many Turkic stones with face.
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    To Altai Tavan Bogd Nat.Park

    Drive the southerly route west along Tsaagan Gol (White River) After (5-6hrs drive if not stopping) we will arrive at Shiveet Hairhan Mountain, in Altai Tavanbogd National Park, where numerous Tuvan nomads live. Shiveet Hairhan is holy for them, so there is no hunting, and usually possible to see a lot of Siberian Ibex in the early morning. Pitch camp. (Tents/BLD).
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    Altai Tavan Bogd

    With the support of camels, we will trek for 16km to the base camp area at the edge of the 20km long Potanina glacier, that runs down from the highest mountains in Mongolia. We will pitch our camp right here. Tavanbogd means “The Holy Five” referring to the peaks of Huiten (4374m and the highest), Naran, Ölgii, Burget and Nairamdal. It is a stunning setting  with the awe inspiring massif of high snow capped peaks. (Tents/BLD).
    Riding horses are USD 10 per day and should be ordered in advance.
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    Altai Tavan Bogd

    We will remain in the same camp and make a day hike up the non-technical heights of Malchin Uul, where we are likely to trek up through snow.  There is also a smaller hill nearby allowing for excellent and stunning views of the mountains, mainly into Russian Altai, but in the distance also China. (Tents/BLD)
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    Altai Tavan Bogd

    Trek back on the other side of the Tsaagan River (White River) to Shiveet Hairhan Mountain, where the Tuva people live. Here we will now be able to view the biggest petrolgyphs from the period of the Huns (approx 200 B.C.).  The Huns were the reason for the Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huangdi to build the Great Wall of China. (Tents/BLD).
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    To Olgiy

    Drive back to Olgiy 5-6hrs, 203km.  Towards Ulaanhuis soum with snow capped Tsambagarav Mountain as a back-drop over the arid mountain terrain (mountain desert like in Tibet).  Follow the Goloog River Valley where there are numerous petroglyphs and Turkic stone men bearing witness of the Bronze Age, the time of the Huns and Turkic times in western Mongolia. Beautiful views of the entire Altai Mountains range when we drive across the Hagiin Davaa (pass).  Stop for sights of Ulgii. (Blue Wolf Ger Camp/BLD)
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    To Tavan Belchir(north of Tsambagarav Uul)

    Half day driving to Tavan Belchir (five pastures) Blue Wolf ger camp. View on the glaciers. Meeting families
  • 10

    Day Hike

    Hiking around to see the glaciers, the lake, meet families (foot of Tsambagarav Mountain).Climbing one of the summits (easy glacier). Hiking around for the others. Horse riding available. Ger camp.
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    To Eaglehunter Place

    Half day drive by beautifull high mountains and come to Eaglehunter’s summer spending place.Camping near Eagle Hunter’s family. Activities around Kazakh culture.
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    To Olgiy

    Driving to Ulgii by northeast way,we will see the biggest Turkic stone with face and beatifull small rocky canyon from granits just near Hovd river.
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    Fly out

    Transfer to the airport and fly out to UB (B).
Some recommendations Summer months in Mongolia are from early June to mid September.Although the Mongolian summers are hot and dry with occasional rain, the temperature can fluctuate as much 20 degrees centigrade between day and night.So be prepared for all weather conditions.
What to bring Binoculars,sunscreen,a hat,gloves,long underware for travel in the high mountains,comfortable footware,lip balm,sanitary hand wipes,sunglasses,prescription medications,(if needed),rain gear,flashlight.
Transport This expedition is supported by a jeep or minibus on the Altai Mountian road tracks.
Staff A Mongolian English speaking local guide will accompany the group at all times. A cook will follow. Plus  drivers.
Meals Our cook will prepare the meals. We pride ourselves in having cooks adapt with both western and Mongolian cooking on our trips. There are always vegetables available, and we have no problem accommodating vegetarians.
This is a vehicle supported camping trip. Tents and mattresses will be provided for the camping nights. You need to bring your own sleeping bag. A portable camping shower will be provided.
Price USD 1535 per person (min 2 members)
Group size  2-18 Discounts available for groups.
Includes English speaking guide, all meals. All overnights gers ( or with family) , camping equipment and all local transport / UB-Ulgii-UB flights /, all Border and National park permits.
Excludes Drinks, airport tax on departure, laundry.Visa fee. Single room/tent/ger supplement is USD 20 per night. 
Date 2012 If there is enough participants, this expedition can be done any time during the period from the beginning of May  through mid September.