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Mongolian Kazakhs are only people in the world,who still keep their unique nomadic style of life ,which has strong connection with hunting with golden eagle.Immerse yourself in the unique landscape, culture and traditions of Western Mongolia and gain an intimate insight into the lives of local eagle hunters. Accompany these fascinating mountain nomads on their hunts, and explore the breathtaking countryside,

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    Fly to Olgiy and Drive to Bayan Nuur

    Meet your driver at reception for transfer to airport and flight to Olgiy. Flight time 3hrs .After lunch, you begin the 120km (4hr) journey east to Bayannuur. Here you will meet Aralbai, his family and his magnificent eagle. Aralbai is one of the most experienced Kazakh Eagle hunters and he will be your host for the next three days.
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    Eaglehunting at Bayan Nuur

    The Mongolian Kazakhs use female eagles for hunting, as far they are bigger than the males and more aggressive. These eagles are trained to hunt foxs, wolves, rabbit and wildcat. Each day you will venture into the surrounding wilderness with your host hunting mostly fox, learning the skills and customs of the Mongolian Kazakhs and exploring the stunning local landscape.
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    To Lake Tolbo and Hongor Olon

    Say farewell to Aralbai and family and drive to Hongor Olon. Make camp on the northwest side of Tsamba-Garav Uul (one of the highest snowcapped mountains in Mongolia 4208m). Visit the local Kazakh herder families and experience their hospitality.
  • 6-9

    Blue Goat Nat.Park

    After 4-5 hrs driving, reach the Blue Goat National Park “Khokh Serkh” where you will meet your second host family. The park is situated in the Khokh Serkh Mountain range, which is famous for its wildlife.While eagle hunting, you will go to the places around the big mountain, where you can watch Argali sheep, Ibex and deer. These are very impressive animals to photograph. The biggest Argali horn is over 55 inches long and the biggest ibex horn is over 43 inches.
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    To Dayan Lake

    Driving by remote wild country,you meet many petro-glyphs and ancient Turkish stones with face.Today we spend night in gers, located between Dayan and Black lakes.These lakes have crystal clear water and many water birds.Good fishing and birdwacthing.
  • 11-13

    To Altai Tavan Bogd

    Today after driving about 6hrs , we reach our road end.This is home place of Tuvan people,who don’t have any religion.On the way we will stop near Mountian Shiveet Hairhan(Holy Mountian).Tuvan people respect this mountian like their god,so no hunting.There are about 400 ibexs.On the southeast side of this mountain,you will see the biggest rock printing(petro-glyphs) from the period of the Huns (approx 200 B.C.). The Huns were the reason for the Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huangdi to build the Great Wall of China.Next day, day hike by the edge of the 20km long Potanina glacier, that runs down from the highest mountains in Mongolia. Tavanbogd means “The Holy Five” referring to the peaks of Huiten (4374m and the highest), Tavan Bogd,Malchin, Burget and Nairamdal. It is a stunning setting with the awe inspiring massif of high snow capped peaks.Overnight with local Tuvan family.
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    Drive to Olgiy

    Drive 5-6hrs and come to Olgiy. Visit the local museum of Olgiy town with its comprehensive information on Altai flora and fauna of Bayan Olgiy aimag as well as colourful traditional costumes. In the evening, enjoy a Kazakh Concert during dinner.
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    Fly to Ulaanbaatar

    Transfer to the airport and fly 3hrs to Ulaanbaatar.
Some recommendations Eaglehunting season in Mongolia are from early October to end of March. The western Mongolian winters are cold and dry with occasional snow,but most days have clean blue sky and strong sun. The temperature can fluctuate as much 20 degrees centigrade between day and night.
What to bring Warm and light clothing, binoculars,a hat,gloves,long underware for travel in the high mountains,comfortable footware,lip balm,sanitary hand wipes,sunglasses,prescription medications,(if needed),flashlight.
Transport For eaglehunting , local Kazakh people use horses.The services of some herdsmen will be hired by the expedition, and they will provide us with their animals.
Staff A local guide who speaks English and Mongolian will accompany the group at all times.A cook will follow, with an assistant.In addition, the services of the local herdsmen will be hired along with their animals.The horsemen follow a traditional lifestyle in the areas where we will be riding.
Meals Our cook will prepare the meals.We pride ourselves in having cooks adapt to both western and Mongolian cooking on our trips.There are always vegetables available, and we have no problem accommodating vegetarians on our trips.For breakfast we can usually buy fresh yogurt from the herdsmen in the local area.
Price USD 1980 per person (min 2 members)
Group size 2-8 (Discounts available for groups)
Includes English speaking guide, all meals. All overnights in hotels and gers ( or with family) , camping equipment and all local transport / UB-Ulgii-UB flights /, all Border and National park permits.
Excludes Drinks, laundry. Single room/tent/ger supplement is USD 20 per night.
Date If there is enough participants, this journey can be done any time during the period below

Aug,20th,2014 - March,22nd,2015