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As far we are working closely with local community, Blue Wolf Travel will support local people from Bayan-Ulgii province to organize this festival since 2008.

We really happy to do it, because we trust, that our new project will help Altai Nomadic people to keep strongly their ancient culture and traditions for long time.

Bayan-Olgii is a unique place in Mongolia, home of the Kazakh ethnic group. The Kazakhs have a rich culture, close extended families, and many traditions that are still practiced today that are centuries old

Today, many Kazakhs here maintain traditional semi-nomadic herding by moving with their animals several times a year, and living in a Kazakh ger (larger and taller than a Mongolian ger) during the summer. All Kazakhs keep close ties to extended families. Tradition requires that one must not marry anyone related within 9 generations. As a result, upon meeting each other, Kazakhs always tell if and how they are related. This is not their only tradition, though.

After meeting a Kazakh, you will be impressed by the generous hospitality expressed through expansive meals with many dishes and countless cups of milk tea and sweets. Like other tribes of the steppe, Kazakhs love to sing and play music. After dinner or while travelling, one will pull out a dombra, the national instrument of the Kazakhs, and play a traditional folk songs that reminds one of the time of the great warriors of Central Asia. Living is such a sparse land; they make the most of celebrations, with music, dancing, and horse games.

The most visible expression of tradition one will notice is the world famous art work of these nomadic people of the steppe. Kazakhs are famous around the world for their intricately embroidered wall hangings (tuskies) used on ger (yurt) walls.



Location: Sagsai soum, 48°39´30˝N, 88°59´00˝E


10:00 Opening ceremony, introductions, Altai Nomadic history and practice.

10:30 Parade of all participants.

11:00-12:00 Kyz Kuar - A race between a man and woman on horseback

12:00-13:00 Bushkashi - Tug of war played on horseback with killed goat, common throughout

Central Asia

13:00-14:00 Break for lunch

14:00-15:00 Tiyn Teru - Riders compete to pick up flags or flowers from the ground during the


15:00-17:00 Horse and Camel Races

17:00-17:30 Awards and Closing ceremony

18:00 Break for dinner

*Extended programs will be available at Festival

Involving the community in the Festival

  • Blue Wolf is a partner with local communities to establish and train a handicraft cooperative for countryside men and women
  • Blue Wolf also supports the work of the Altai Kazakh Nomadic People, whose handicrafts will be available to guests during the festival
  • We hire local English teachers to assist with translation during the Festival
  • All supplies for the festival were purchased through local retailers
  • Over 1000 nomads will participate in the festival – your interest and participation help ensure this practice will remain a part of Altai Kazakh Culture

Involving the community in the Festival

Notes on safety

Following are few tips to keep in mind to ensure safety of your own and travel companions, while participating in this extraordinary festival.

1. When you are in the competition field, please make sure to stand only in the designated public viewing areas,

2. If you have children, please do not let them wander on their own,

3. While the competition is on, leaving designated areas to get a closer photo shoot of the horses is not recommended

4. If you cannot locate your group or get separated, please return to the parking place, where your vans are located.

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Arrive in Ulgii

Meet your local Kazakh guide arriving at Olgii airport at 9:30 a.m. (local time), drive to Blue Wolf Restaurant. After brunch or lunch, drive half an hour west to Sagsai village and reach Nomadic family (Kazakh Eagle hunter). Overnight near or with family. (LD) 



Altai Tavan Bogd National Park

Embark on a 1-day drive to Altai Tavan Bogd National Park. At the Sacred Mountain “Shiveet Hairhan”, we will see the largest rock painting site from the period of the Huns (around 200 B.C.). Some ancient Turkic stones can also be seen along the way. Admire the views of the snowcapped and forested mountains marking the natural wall between China and Mongolia. Next day, we will start our 6-hour trek to the top of Malchin peak at 4025m. Today’s trek to summit and back to camp is about 10 to 12 hours in total, or you may trek as high as you can before returning to camp. Below you will see the Potanin glacier – the biggest of the twenty glaciers in Mongolian Altai. Tavanbogd means “The Holy Five”, referring to the peaks of Huiten (4374m and the highest), Naran, Ulgii, Burget and Nairamdal. It is a stunning setting with the awe-inspiring massif of high snow-capped peaks. Overnight in tent. (BLD)



Altai Nomad’s Festival

During the festival we see some Kazakh Traditional Horse Games like “Bush Kushi” (Try to take out from each other the goat skin on horseback),”Kiss woman on horseback”, “Pick up coins from the land on horseback” and others. You will be with many local nomads, who dressed on their ancient traditional clothing.
In the evening we enjoy to have the Kazakh Concert with some traditional songs and music. Overnight in Kazakh ger. (BLD)



Drive towards TsambaGarav Nat. Park (2500-3000m)

Tsamba-Garav Uul (the altitude 4208m) is one of the most beautiful snowcapped mountains in Mongolia.
It is just on the border of three western aimags Bayan-Olgii, Uvs and Hovd. We will see the beautiful snowcapped peaks, rocky valleys and crystal clear spring waters. We visit the nomadic Urianhai families (one of western Mongolian ethnic groups, who are famous Chinggis Khaan’s heroes with bow and arrow). Overnight in tent. (BLD)



 Soft hiking day and visit Eagle Hunter’s family (2900-3100m)

Today staying near Tsedenbal’s ger (Urianhai family), you can walk only few hours to reach glaciers of Tsast Uul (4208m). There is small beautiful lake surrounded by many flowers. Good for photos. 
Visit his family and feel their grade hospitalities. Bashakhan keep many horses to milk and make a koumis (nomadic beer). You have a chance to see his golden eagle and learn some hunting skills.
In the evening, drive to Olgii. Overnight in gercamp. (BLD)

Day 21

Depart Ulgii

After early breakfast (6:30a.m), transfer to Olgii airport and fly to UB. (B)

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