My girlfriend and I recently undertook a trip to the Golden Eagle Festival in Western Mongolia organised by Blue Wolf Travel. Prior to arriving I had read many horror stories about this particular operator, however our experience with Blue Wolf was nothing but positive. We had a number of specific requests – personal 4WD (Landcruiser), guide and driver, meeting with an eagle hunters' family and separate accommodation. At all stages the Blue Wolf team accommodated our needs and contributed to one of the most amazing holidays we have ever been on.I wish to make specific mention of our fantastic guide Zoya and wonderful driver Askhart. Their good humour and professionalism made our tour a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Zoya and Askhart were more than willing to take us to additional sites, go fishing, stop for photos whenever we wanted, attend a wrestling match and provide an introduction to the Kazakh culture that will remain with us always.I also want to address some of the concerns raised by others regarding Blue Wolf. This company offers competitive rates and A-Class service that has surpassed anything that I have previously experienced in Mongolia. Having traveled extensively throughout Africa and Asia I understand that sometimes things go wrong and circumstances change. This simple fact seems lost on many of the detractors of Blue Wolf. During our visit with the company there were tourism trainers from Europe assisting the company to further improve their customer service offering. My advice to anyone considering booking a tour with Blue Wolf is to go for it. I know we would definitely use them again.