Blue Wolf

Blue Wolf Travel provides clients with the most comprehensive range of professional eco-travel services in western Mongolia. The owner, Canat, has been working for 22 years in tour businesses and is a fluent speaker of English, Kazakh, Mongolian, and Russian.

Since Blue Wolf began offering tours in 1998, they have quickly become the premier tour company servicing western Mongolia.

Some of their clients over the past 18 years have included National Geographic magazine, Outside magazine, Patagonia, American Falconry, Atlanta, and UK International Falconry. As the largest tour company in western Mongolia, Blue Wolf offers many advantages that have set them apart and lead to recently being honored by the Mongolian Tourism Board as one of Mongolia's best tour operators.

Blue Wolf is supported by a small staff of guides, cooks, and trek leaders, all centered in Olgii, the capital of Mongolia's western most province, Bayan Olgii. Their combined wealth of experience working in Mongolia will ensure your trip is safe, adventurous, and fun. Blue Wolf goes and develops together with local community.It is why most our tours are community based (CBT) . We are training and learning from our feedbacks every year to develop sustanability and responsibility in our tourism business.

As far we organize ECO-TOURISM, our mission is to use tourism to bring economic and social development to western Mongolia and raise awareness of the unique natural and cultural resources of the area.

As a tour operator, we believe a good trip means balancing comfort and adventure with safety.

Our routes have been designed and tested by our staff and thousands of clients without serious incident.

The greatest trips are trekking by Altai mountains and Eagelhunting trips.Cultural festivals are a great time to visit Mongolia.We organize our own festivals like Altai Eagle Festival and Altai Nomad's Festival.

These festivals highlight Kazakh eaglehunting skills,local cultures through performances, handycrafts, concerts, horse games, archery on horseback, horse- and camel-racing.