Communtiy Based Tourism


BLUE WOLF is entered into a concession agreement with local administration to bring additional jobs into the area based on traditional livelihoods.

So local herdsmen can rent their horses and camels, also our camp buys milk products from them. Vehicles are parked a short walk away from the camp.The camp does not have WC blocks.The toilets are long drop style allowing for natural decomposition.Showers are organized in small ger with hot water by portable showers. The camp can be relocated leaving no more impact on the area,than herdsman family would.


Western Mongolian families frequently move from one pasture to the other using camels.The services of some herdsmen will be hired by the expedition, and they will provide us with their animals.

The horsemen follow a traditional lifestyle in the areas where we will be riding.

Hourly,half day or full day horse and camel rides can be organized at the additional cost.