Snow Leopards are one of the most elusive of all the big cats in the world. Called Irbis by the Mongols. Most people will know it exists in the Himalaya, Pamir, Hindukush in Inner Asia. Actually, Mongolia (Mongolian Altai) has a reasonably large number of Snow Leopard (second only to China) and with its limited areas of suitable habitat, harbors the densest Snow Leopard populations in the world. Where live Argali Sheep and Siberian Ibex, there you have a chance to see Snow Leopard, who naturally prey on these wild animals rather than domestic livestock. You will learn about on this trip.

Kazakh Eagle hunting is Altai Kazakh tradition dating back about 2000 years (Marco Polo mentions it). Kazakh people use female eagles as they are one-third heavier than the males and far more aggressive. The eagles are trained to hunt hairs, wild cat, ibex, foxes and wolves (eagles have eight times more acute than humans), and release them to the hunter, who clubs the prey to death.

  • 1

    Fly to Hovd and Drive to Chandman village near Jargalant Mountain

    After early breakfast, transfer to UB airport. Arrive Hovd airport and meet by our team. Have a lunch in Hovd town. After lunch, we will drive towards Chandman soum, where they claim throat singing originates. The nomads live from livestock herding. On the way, we will see the Khar Us Nuur National Park, where WWF Mongolia is very active. The largest of the lakes is Khar Us Nuur (Black Water Lake). Overnight with nomadic family. (BLD)
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    Explore Snow Leopard in Jargalant Mountain

    Today, we explore Jargalant Hairhan Mountain and hike into Rashantiin Am (Spring Valley), a sacred valley. Here is a sacred spring which is being said to have medicinal properties, including good for eye diseases Jargalant Hairhan (Sacred Happiness) is a snow-capped mountain, which is the back drop of Khar Us Lake. Rashantiin Am is an eerie valley with bolder and poplars. The great lakes basin has the largest reed beds in all of Central Asia, with many bird species as well as Saiga Antelope, the rare Wild Boar (in the reeds!), Snow Leopards, Gazelle, Wolves etc. Overnight in tent. (BLD)
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    Drive to Blue Goat Nat. Park (2800 m)

    After breakfast, we drive 160 km (4-5 hr) to northwest to come Kazakh Eagle hunter- Erbol’s summer spending place, which is located just on the north-west side of Blue Goat Nat. Park.
    Meet Erbol and his magnificent bird. Overnight in tent. (BLD)
  • 4-5

    Blue Goat Nat. Park (hiking), (2800-3100 m)

    Every day hiking by the wild big remote mountains of Blue Goat Nat. Park, we can watch some Argalis, Ibexes and deer. This place has many wild endangers animals and birds like Snow leopard, Altai argali and Ibex, lynx, wolverine and bearded vulture, black vulture, different kinds of falcons, golden eagle, and others. Staying with Eagle hunter, you can learn Altai Kazakh Eagle hunting skills. First overnight in tent.
    In the evening, after 4-5hrs driving come to Blue Wolf gercamp in Olgii. Overnight at local hotel. (BLD)
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    Fly back to Ulaanbaatar

    After breakfast, transfer to Olgii airport and fly to Ulaanbaatar. Transfer to your hotel. (B)
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English speaking guide, 3 meals per day, camping gears (tent and mats), 4x4 transport, Kazakh Eagle hunter with his bird, Nat. park permits. ULN-HVD and ULG-ULN flights.

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2 transfers to/from UB airport.
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