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Hunting with Golden Eagle is one of the most unique features of the Kazakh life. The hunter is named kusbegi or berkutchi. The experience of wild birds training was gained by Kazakh kusbegi by centuries, the secrets were impacted from the father to the son and kept deep secret. At the present time we can meet few people with such name. These masters have innate gift of wild birds training. For a hunting they tame falcons, golden eagles and eagles. Names of birds are given depending on their appearance and battle characteristics. The hunting with Golden Eagle are during ten centuries. Was considered, to present the teenager a nestling of hunting bird, means, to wish to him to begin courageous, strong dzhigit.

To train golden eagle – it is the high art. The caught bird gradually accustom to the owner. For it berkutchi some nights doesn't close eyes and interdicts to sleep golden eagle. The bird can take feed (bits of uncooked meat) only from hands of the owner. After bird will get used to the hunter- berkutchi, his horse and dog, berkutchi begins to train to hunt for stuffed fox and only then the real hunting begins. Specially trained golden eagle hunts for small animals: rabbits, foxes, and partridge, black hazel grouses.

Day 1-2

 Arrive UB

Day 1. Arrive UB

First day, by your arrival in UB meet by our guide and transfer to 4* hotel. Second day, after breakfast, we start to drive towards Khan Khentii National Park, where Genghis Khan's homeland and where a rich pasture, cattle, sheep and land, since ancient times of good natural pastures. On the way, we stop near “Chinggis Khaan Statue Complex” and “XIII Century National Camp”. Chinggis khan statue complex is located 54 km from Ulaanbaatar among beautiful natural scenery on the bank of river Tuul. After picnic lunch, we continue our driving and reach Lake Khokh. Here Chinggis Khaan was entitled as Khan of Mongols in 1189 and listen to brief historical highlights about significant event in the history of Mongolia. Drive back to UB. Explore Gandan Monastery, Buddhist center in Ulaanbaatar. See Zanabazar Museum Chojin Lama temple. Lunch time in a typical Mongolian Restaurant. The winter Palace Buda Big Statue on the Hill Central market (black) (one or two hours if we have time) . Overnights in 4* hotel.

Day 3

Fly to Hovd

Arrive Hovd airport and meet by our team (guide, driver and cook). Here we will meet “Hoomii-singers”. The Hovd town was a trade center, located on the northern Silk Road with connections to Russia and China. In 1763 the Manchu administration built the fortress Sagijn Cherem (Castle). An area of about 4 ha was fenced with 3m high and 2m wide walls. Now all 18 Mongolian ethic groups live in this province. After a lunch, drive to Durgun village, where is possible meeting with Green Toro. Overnight in local hotel. (BLD)

Day 4

Drive to Blue Goat Nat. Park

After breakfast, we drive 160kms (4-5hrs ) to northwest to come Kazakh Nomadic family, which is located just on the north-west side of Blue Goat Nat. Park. Overnight in wooden house. (BLD)

Day 5-9

Eagle Hunting (horse riding and eagle hunting)

Every day, going on horseback/hike with Kazakh Eagle hunter by the wild big remote mountains, we can watch and have a part in hunting with golden eagle for rabbit, fox, wild cat and other animals. This place has many wild endangers animals and birds like snow leopard, Altai argali and Ibex, lynx, wolverine and bearded vulture, black vulture, different kinds of falcons, golden eagle, and others. Staying with Eagle hunter, you can learn some hunting skills with golden eagle. Overnights in wooden house. (BLD). Last day, afternoon drive (4-5 hrs, 200 km) and reach Olgii. Overnight in local hotel. Welcome dinner with short Kazakh concert in Blue Wolf restaurant. (BLD)

Day 10

Fly back to

Early breakfast and transfer to airport. Transfer to 4* hotel. (B) You will have a full day to explore the sprawling city of retro architecture, thrilling nightlife, wild traffic and exciting commerce. There’s plenty to see, do and eat – your guide will recommend some of the best places to dine at

Day 11

Depart UB

After early breakfast, transfer to UB airport. (B) Leave Mongolia with full of unforgettable memories. 

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