Mongolia Fishing and Horse Ride LET'S PLAN YOUR TRIP

Mongolia Fishing and Horse Ride

Mongolia is a fascinating place for fishing. Just picture a country large as the British Isles, France, Germany and Italy combined with one percent of its territory being lakes, rivers and streams. These rivers drain out north to the Arctic Ocean and to the Pacific in the east. The Central Asian enclosed basin drains back into Mongolia itself, and contains the huge saltwater Uvs Lake. The rivers that belong to the Pacific Ocean basin contain species like Sturgeon, Skin Carp plus 39 others. Rivers of the Arctic Ocean basin hold 25 species including Grayling, Lenok Trout, Taimen, Siberian Pike etc. There is also the Central Asian enclosed basin with its five species of endemic fish, among them the Altai Osman. Some of these are saltwater lakes, which is why it is possible to encounter Pelicans and Seagulls in the very heart of Asia, e.g. in Uvs Nuur, Mongolia’s largest lake. Fishing in Mongolia is, in by and large pristine water systems with a total lack of introduced species such as Rainbow Trout etc. A variety of fish is available, and we practice catch and release.The most spectacular of the species is the Taimen (Hucho taimen), the largest of the Salmonidae family. It is to be found all over northern Mongolia. Usually specimens 0.70 to 1.40 meters long (max. 2.00 m.) can be landed. One fishing group of 6 people managed to get 60 Taimens in one weeks time!Lenok (Brachymystax lenok), is along with Taimen the only two members of the Salmonidae family. Lenok Trout can grow rather big, and we catched in Arhangai, a Lenok 105 cm long. There is also a relative to the Lenok, the endemic Onon Trout in the Onon River system in the northeast.There are four species of Grayling (Thymallus arcticus) in various parts of Mongolia. The Grayling is common and a very good fly fish. There is also two species of Pike. The Siberian Pike (Esox lucius) - the one common in Europe - is common also in some parts of Mongolia. The Amur Pike (Esox reichertii) is to be found in the Pacific Ocean drainage basin, and quite rare throughout its range, except for the Onon River where it holds a sizeable population..

  • 1

    To Ulgii

    Departure to Tashanta for going through over the custom. Meeting with Canat. Crossing Tashanta – Ulgiy-Blue Wolf Ger Camp/135km/.Arrival at the touristic complex. Accomodation in the yurts. /B,L,D/
  • 2

    Drive to Altai

    Drive to Chigertei Lake of Altai, which is summer spending place for nomadic kazakh families. We will meet horserangers and packing horses/camels/.Stay with Kazakh Nomadic family.
  • 3

    Altai Kazakh Nomadic Life

    Visit some Kazakh Nomadic families and feel their grade hospitalities.Meet Kazakh Eaglehunter and see his magnificient bird.See how Kazakh women are making felt and other handycrafts.Stay with family.In the evening small Kazakh concert.
  • 4-5

    Fishing in unvisited areas

    Next two days we trek by Jolt and Onion Areas,which are full of lush valleys. Walking by open plate remote country,you can feel yourself wildness,where is no families,no cars and no civilization.You are out of all world problems for these few days. Jolt and Onion areas has many stream waters,where is many fish as like grayilng and lenok.
  • 6-7

    Fishing in streams around Dayan Lake

    Start to walk towards to Dayan Nuur. On the way you enjoy the remote mountain country with some forest and lakes.The lakes and rivers are rich by fish.On the west side of your way you will see the mountain called Holagash.There are many bears and elkes,by chance you can see them.We will come to Dayan Nuur,one of the crystal clear lakes of Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, where is good fishing for lenok,grayling and others.Staying around the lake two nights,it allows us to see stunning sunsets and sunrises.The lake is home of the wild ducks,swans,geese,seagulls and others.
  • 8-9

    Horse Trek towards Big Lakes

    The remote area,divided from China by the high snow capped mountains,has the two stunning lakes of Hoton Nuur and Hurgan Nuur.Both of them are the source of the Hovd River.On the way you can visit Kazakh nomadic families and feel their grade hospitalities.Second day in the evening,we reach river valley called Zagastai /name indicates Fish/.
  • 10


    Today we fish around Zagastai Valley.This place is strictly protected,so you will have real adventure staying in wild area.
  • 11

    Archaeologicol Sites

    Today we come to eastside of big lakes,where you will see the one of most beautifull and biggest petro-glyphs.Staying one night near small mountain,where is numerous of rock-printings,you can feel youself how beautifull the place.American archaeologist Richard Kortum and his team is working on this site over 4 years.
  • 12

    Drive back to Ulgii

    Drive a day to Ulgii town.Stay in Blue Wolf Gercamp.Dinner with Kazakh Short Concert.
  • 13

    Drive back home

    Crossing of the border Ulgiy-Tashanta-Cosh-Agach/185km/.

Some recommendationsSummer months in Mongolia are from early June to mid September.Although the Mongolian summers are hot and dry with occasional rain, the temperature can fluctuate as much 20 degrees centigrade between day and night.So be prepared for all weather conditions.
What to bringBinoculars,sunscreen,a hat,gloves,long underware for travel in the high mountains,comfortable footware,lip balm,sanitary hand wipes,sunglasses,prescription medications,(if needed),rain gear,flashlight.
TransportThis expedition is supported by a jeep or minibus on the Altai Mountian road tracks.
StaffA Mongolian-Russian speaking local guide will accompany the group at all times. A cook will follow. Plus  drivers.
MealsOur cook will prepare the meals. We pride ourselves in having cooks adapt with both western and Mongolian cooking on our trips. There are always vegetables available, and we have no problem accommodating vegetarians.
OvernightsThis is a vehicle supported camping trip. Tents and mattresses will be provided for the camping nights. You need to bring your own sleeping bag. A portable camping shower will be provided.
PriceUSD 1230 per person (min 2 members)
Group size2-18 (Discounts available for groups.)
IncludesRussian speaking guide, all meals.All overnights in gers ( or with family) , camping equipment and all local transport, all Border and National park permits.
ExcludesDrinks, laundry.Single room/tent/ger supplement is USD 20 per night.