Nomadic Hospitality

Nomad's hospitality is legendary. Complete strangers wisk you inside like long lost kin, sit you at the place of honor, ply you with food and drink, and treat you like royalty. Yet, to offer a dime would be an offense. Little gifts for the children, pens or crayons, a notebook or coloring book, or dried fruits for the family, are received with such gratitude as can hardly be endured. Be ready to take turns singing songs. Row, row, row your boat…!

If your are still around at dusk, space will be made for sleeping. Your hosts will never ask how long you’re staying. They don’t know you from Adam and they don’t speak your language. It doesn’t matter. Hospitality is not a quaint custom, among these people; it’s a way of life – foundational part of the structure of existence that has enabled them to survive in these rough conditions of millennia.

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