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Feb 12, 2015, 7:04 AM


I travelled for 2 weeks with BW in September 2014 to see the Eagle festival and to spent some time with the local hunters and their family. I also visited Tavan Bogd NP.

I contacted BW by e-mail several months in advance to let them arrange my whole trip (local flights to and from UB, Toyota landcruiser with driver, guide and cook, all food and drinks, visit to the festival, homestay with the hunters.....).

I have to say that, despite all the negative comments in this topic, I really have NO complaints at all !!!

Canat contacted me many times,and arranged everything in a correct matter. My female guide spoke quite good English, the cook did a good job, the driver drove me around very safe.

I did not haggle much about the price that was according to me correct (I travelled solo for the whole trip and that I have made very clear before signing up).

Of course you have to keep in mind that you are travelling in Western Mongolia and that the conditions are sometimes harsh, it's not Paris, London or NY !!!

After all I would certainly travel wih BW again! They did a nice job keeping the local difficulties in mind and with limited resources.