We can help

We can help

All our services based on over 20 years experiences in tourism field. Blue Wolf Travel has introduced a concept of practical and desirable ways of travel in Mongolia, which is the synergy of Western and Mongolian ideas brought about after many years experience of travel all across Mongolia.

Now we are able to give our services in all Altai regions, including Mongolian, Chinese, Kazakhstan and Russian.

As far,we are Mongolian Kazakh people and there are Kazakh speaking areas, we are only company, who can communicate directly with locals and be your direct contacts.

Blue Wolf offers guiding and care for visitors in Western Mongolia including:

  • Visa support, hotel , train and plane ticketing
  • Transfers from/to Russian, Kazakhstan and Chinese Altai parts
  • Creating tailor-made (private and family) trips
  • Full service Ger Camp located in Ulgii
  • Restaurant and gift shop
  • Planned itineraries in all Mongolia, China, Russian Altai and Kazakhstan
  • Low impact GerCamps in Altai Tavan Bogd and TsambaGarav National Parks
  • Long term home-stays, research trips all round year, summer camp programmes, etc…
  • Altai Kazakh Eagle Festivals
  • Altai Nomad's Festivals