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Altai mountains of Mongolia offer a beautiful landscape coupled with three unique cultures - Mongolians, Kazakhs, and Tuvans. The area is rich in wildlife and provides one of the last refuges for the Altai Argali, the world's largest sheep, as well as the endangered Snow Leopard. In addition, western Mongolia is rich in archeological sites that vary from ancient petroglyphs to stone carvings from early Turkish nomads. To travel in western Mongolia and visit this area's nomadic people between the snow covered peaks of the Altai Mountains means to experience something that cannot be repeated anywhere else in the world. On a trip though this region, one discovers new horizons, will feel the beauty of unexplored wilderness and experience the freedom of nomadic life.

Soaring over the Altai’s cliffs and slopes are the legendary Golden Eagles – known as the Berkut, which are renowned for their hunting prowess and revered by the Altai Kazakh people. Kazakh Eagle hunting has been practiced uninterrupted by hunters for over 1000 years. While this Eagle-hunting culture has been recently rediscovered, there remain very few traditional, authentic berkutchi left. Fortunately, we will be able to visit some of these renowned hunters to experience their age-old working relationship with their magnificent eagles at first hand. Larger, more aggressive female eagles are favored by the Kazakh hunters, given the bird’s capacity to bring down large prey, such as foxes, ibex and even wolves. In the old tradition they are taken as eaglets, raised to work with the hunter for many years until fully mature, and then released as experienced hunters back into the wild to join their wild kin.



Drive to Lakes Dayan and Hoton

Early breakfast and drive towards Dayan Lake, near the frontier with China. We have a grade opportunity to learn some Kazakh Eagle hunting skills. Visit Kazakh Nomadic Families, learn their regular day life and feel their grade hospitalities. After lunch, drive nearby western-side of Hurgan and Hoton Lakes. Along the lakes, we see the beautiful waterfall, rock-paintings and some ancient Turkic stones with face. After the wooden bridge on the water channel between the Lakes, we drive to north about 12kms and reach 3 small Rocky Mountains – Biluut 1, 2 and 3. Here you can see the many rock printings (petro-glyphs). Overnight in tent/wooden house with a family. (BLD)

Day 2

Drive to Altai Tavan Bogd Peaks

Today we have 4-5 hours drive towards Altai Tavan Bogd Peaks (Holy Five Peaks) via Tsagaan gol (White river) and through Altai Mountains- Mongolia's largest and highest mountain range more then 3000-4000 m high. One famous spot "Shiveet Hairhan" sacred mountain, where we will see the largest rock-printing site from the period of the Huns (approx. 200 B.C.). Overnights in tent/wooden house with a nomadic family. (BLD)

Days 3-5

Altai Tavan Bogd Massiv and Malchin Peak Climb

Today we will drive a few hours and reach the road end near the block-post. We will load our equipment on the pack-camel/horse and trek 16 km towards the base-camp of the snow-capped Altai Tavan Bogd massif. We will pitch a camp next to the 20 km long Potanin Glacier- the biggest twenty glaciers in Mongolian Altai. Tavan Bogd means "Holy Five", referring to the five highest peaks, of which Huiten Uul is the highest in Mongolia- 4374 m. Quite considerable height at this latitude. It is stunning setting with the awe-inspiring massif of high snow-capped peaks.
Second day, for 6-8 hours, we will make a day hike to the Malchin uul (4025 m). This is non-technical climb.
Last day, walk down to the road end. Overnight in tent/wooden house with a nomadic family. (BLD)

Day 6

Drive to the Kazakh Eagle hunter's family

Early breakfast and drive to east via Ulaanhus over desert mountain landscape with snow-capped Sogoog mountain as powerful backdrop. After 4-5 hours drive, we reach Kazakhs Eagle hunter's family. Visit his family and feel their grade hospitality. You have a chance to see the grade golden eagle and learn some hunting skills. Evening drive back to Olgii. Overnight in "Eagle Dreams" hotel/ger of the tourist camp. (BLD)

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