Altai Tavan Bogd Hike

Altai Tavan Bogd Hike

Theme Join in , Cultural nomadic , Nature exploring,Moderate

From $1330

Group size2-18

Duration 8 days

Intro text

    • The heart of the Altai mountains
    • Enjoy sky full of stars
    • Meet Kazakh ethnic group
    • Unique hospitality

Why choose this tour

    • Discover the biggest nomadic country in the world – rich diversity of nomadic culture in the regions
    • Trek to Altai Tavan Bogd Mountains
    • Meet Kazakh ethnic group and opportunity to watch Eagle hunting
    • To see rare/endangered animals like snow leopard, ibex etc
    • Amazing nature and unique people of the Western Mongolia
    • Aisholpan’s birth place

Services included

    • Domestic flights ULN-ULG-ULN flights (Free luggage allowance is 15kg).
    • Shared accommodation at Ger camps
    • Private transfers
    • English speaking guide
    • All meals as listed
    • All entrance fee
    • Horse rangers with pack horse or camels
    • Letter of Invitation

Services not included

    • Personal expenses
    • Optional activities
    • Camera fee for museum & monastery
    • Travel Insurance
    • Single supplement
    • Personal needs
    • Laundry and alcoholic drinks.
    • Single occupancy USD $160.


Day 1Arrive in Olgii and Drive to Altai Tavan Bogd (200 km drive, 4-5 hrs)
Fly to Olgii and after 3 hrs flight arrive in Olgii airport. Meet your local guide.
We load our luggage and drive via Ulaanhuis over desert mountain landscapes, with the snow-capped Tsambagarav Mountain as a powerful backdrop and the Altai Mountain range ahead of us. We will find numerous petroglyphs and Turkic stones along the Goloog River basin. Bayan-Ölgii is rich in archaeological remains, as a reminder of the Bronze Ages and the time of the Huns and Turkic invasions. Overnight in tents. (LD)
Day 2-4Tavanbogd massif (16 km on 1st day, 11 km on 2nd day and 25 km on 3rd day, 6-8 hrs per day)
We will load our equipment on to pack-camels – perhaps also pack-horses – and trek for the 20 kms toward the base camp of the snow-capped Tavanbogd massif. We will pitch camp next to the 20km long Potanina glacier – the biggest of the twenty glaciers in Mongolian Altai – and remain there for two nights. Tavanbogd means “the Holy Five” referring to the five highest peaks, of which Huiten Uul is the highest in Mongolia, 4374 meters above sea level. Quite a considerable height at this latitude. The other peaks are named Nairamdal, Ulgii, Burget and Naran. It is a stunning setting with the awe-inspiring massif of high snow capped peaks. For a full day we will make day hikes to the Malchin Uul. These are non-technical climbs.
Third day, back at Shiveet Hairhan Uul we will be able to view the biggest petroglyphs from the second period of the Huns (200 B.C.). The Huns were the reason for the Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huangdi to build and finish the Great Wall of China at this time. On the third day, trek back on the far side of the Tsaagan River and pitch camp.  Here we may have a chance to view Siberian Ibex (Capra sibirica). Overnights in tent. (BLD)
Day 5-6Altai Mountains crossing (15 km on 1st day and 17 km on 2nd day)
We have  2 days for the crossing of the Altai Mountain range. We will pitch camp before the snow area. For sure, big game such as Snow Leopards and its prey species, live here, but they are extremely difficult to get to see. Perhaps there is Altai Snowcock, the highest living bird of Mongolia. We will cross the Altai at the highest elevation of some 3600m our trek and have the broad views across the Altai Mountains.  We are here near the peak of Tsaagan Hairhan Uul (Sacred White Mountain/ 3662m). 2nd day, arrive to a scenic valley which the locals call the Bear Overnights in tent. (BLD)
Day 7By Bear Valley to Green Lake
We are now in a scenic area, where small streams develop into rives fed by the melting glaciers flowing down broad steppe valleys.  Around are forested hills of larch forests and mountains. Along the rivers there are wooded and alluvial meadows with broad leaf forests.
Trek down a valley with patches of Larch forests and reach the so called Green Lake, where we is possible lunch. After lunch, trek through the dramatic steppe valley along the river that drains from Altai Tavan Bogd Massif. We are now only 10 km from the Chinese border. These are the summer spending pastures of numerous Kazakh herdsmen. Their yurts are a bonanza of handicraft. They are a very friendly and hospitable people. A fishing rod comes in handy here. The largest subspecies of Mongolian Grayling (Thymallus arcticus) is easily fished here. The numerous Great Cormorants in the vicinity are a good indicator that there are plentiful fish in the lakes. Overnight in tent on the shore of the lake. Pick-up vehicles arrive here. (BLD)  
Day 8Drive to Olgii and
Drive to Olgii towards the Hargant valley, below Tsengel Haorhan Uul (3903 m), another of the snow-capped mountains. Here live Tuvans. They are Buddhists, but of the Turkic speaking ethnic group. Their gers (yurts) are more like Mongolian gers as opposed to the larger Kazakh ones. There are also some shamans practitioners among them. Arrive back to Olgii city. Overnight in local hotel/ger of the tourist camp.  (BLD)
Day 9Depart Olgii
After early breakfast, transfer to Olgii airport and fly to UB. (B)
Altai Tavan Bogd Hike

8 days

From $1330

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    • Prices: As we’ll customize your journey based on your preferences and needs, please note that this indicative price is just a rough estimate. Prices may vary depending on season, type of accommodation and activities/experiences chosen (private vs. shared) etc.
    • This journey outline is by no means conclusive. It is just a guideline and can be tailored according to your comfort level, interests and preferences for every detail from accommodation to activities.
    • Health: Travellers to Mongolia should ensure that they are up-to-date with routine vaccination courses and it may be advised that further vaccines are sought. Please talk to a health professional 4 – 6 weeks before travelling. It is recommended that most travellers are vaccinated for Hepatitis A and Tetanus but it is also worth discussing Hep B, Typhoid, Meningitis, Tuberculosis, Tick-borne Encephalitis and Rabies.
    • Long bumpy rides: Be prepared for some epic long car rides in some old school furgons (Russian UAZ vans). As few of the vans have speakers or a method of playing music, you might like to bring along your own portable speakers and an MP3 player (but bear in mind others may like to enjoy the serenity!) It is not unheard of for people to feel a little travel sick, so if you are prone to this, remember to bring your tablets and feel free to ask your guide/driver to stop as frequently as you wish.
    • Guide:
      An English speaking Mongolian guide will accompany the group at all times. The guide will be a native Mongolian person with great local knowledge who can deal with any requests and ensure that your holiday to become one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life.
    • Occupancy: Single $150
      You can stay in a single, twin or double room/ger/tent (where applicable). Single occupancy may not be possible during the Naadam festival (July 5th -15th) at ger camps. At community-based camps and ger homestays, single occupancy is subject to availability. Single and twin/double occupancy at ger camps require an extra supplement.
    • The best time to make this trip
      May to September is the best season, with the peak season in July for the Naadam Festival. July and August are also the wettest months of the year, but be assured, our climate is such that you will still have many sunny days at this time.
    • Accommodation:
      We believe that comfortable, welcoming accommodation is vital to the enjoyment of your trip. You will be stay in a standard 3-4 star hotel in Ulaanbaatar and a tourist ger camp (traditional dwelling) with currency (220V), shower and other useful services (2 to 4 people per ger) in the countryside. All accommodation offered by Blue Wolf is personally checked by our staff to ensure high standards. ​
    • Meals:
      In Ulaanbaatar, you will be dining at fine European and Asian cuisine restaurants. Mutton, beef, rice and noodles form the basis of the Mongolian diet, so your meals will be based around this. However, the trail rations may include vegetables, eggs, peanut butter, cheese and sometimes yak! On some days there will be lunchboxes from tourist camps. It is good food and our experience has been that guests are happy with this arrangement. Please let us know in advance if you are a vegetarian. Alcohol is not provided on the trip but tourists are free to bring their own.
    • Transport:
      We use the highest level, most comfortable, air-conditioned private vans or 4WD vehicles for the maximum comfort on your touring days. A day’s drive in the countryside will be approx 200-250km.
    • ​Personal things to bring with you:
      Binoculars, sunscreen, a hat, gloves, long underwear for travel in the high mountains, comfortable footwear, lip balm, sanitary hand wipes, sunglasses, prescription medications (if needed),pills for motion sickness, rain gear, flashlight, universal plugins for charger
    • Alternative connections to Olgyi: Entering or exiting across the land border with Russia, we can pick you up or leave you at Gorno-Altaisk or Barnaul, in southern Siberia (Russia).
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