Hiroko Ohta <>


Thanks for arranging my trip with many experience.

I just come back on 4th Jan and feel alone separated from Ulgi.

During my stay I spent very comfortable days owe to Blue Wolf Staff & local people.

Dauit: helping me always, Muhamet: making peaceful time for me always, Janka:taking care for me always like my mother.

Thanks to them, They are really superb ! I feel they are not travel guides but my family.

And special thanks to Bachakhan's family.

Their hospitality is the best of best, Beyond of my imagine, I was treated as like as their family members.

I was alloed to take part in Asmrat's(Bachakhan's grand child) Tusau Kesu and cut a rope tied his legs.

What an amazing happening !!! It was my best great honor which stays in my heart forever.

I respect all of them.

Shilbeck's (Jilbeck) family.

He kindly invited me for lunch and treated big meal. His father is a really great and I was moved by their pure pride of Kazakh.

Meeting time was short but this memory is shining in my heart.

Mana's family.

Very loving Mana ! We are given a warm hospitality and he showed donbra & song.

His word is wisdom and give me deep knowledge of Kazakh.

His wife showed me beautiful TusKiz producted by herself.

Staying at their place I felt my spirit was purified and fulfilled with new energy.

My country Japan is managed by modern technology but a lot of problems from lack of heart.

We can find a key of life-way in kazakh culture to make our own society better, I think.

Living modestly,knowing our own limitation,taking care for each other...and enjoy life.

I was attracted totaly and want to know more their world, culture and the wisdom to survive in nature.

Next time I want to see summer life on July or August ( or Sep, maybe last of December as same as this trip )

Wishing all happiness and prosperity in Ulgi.

I miss you , Ulgi.



Doug Samuelson



Nov 20

I want to thank you for arranging such a great trip for me. It was perfect and exactly what I wanted. Your hospitality was appreciated and hope I can repay you some day. I still will be sending the eagle hunter his pictures by way of you but I don't have them ready yet. Take care and I hope to find a time soon to get back and see more of Mongolia.
Doug Samuelson