TREK BESIDE GLACIERS, 8ds/7nts, from USD 905

Trek in nomadic style:

  • Accommodation- Nomadic gers with full bedding.
  • Traditional nomadic transport- Pack camels or horses
  • Travel with Kazakh and Tuvan nomads, and meet Eagle Hunter and his bird)

The Tsengel Hairhan Mountain is a standalone eternally snowcapped mountain, located on the way towards Big Lakes- Hoton and Hurgan.

As the area is not border zone and Nat. Park, you don’t need any permits.

Only few hours’ drive from Olgii and you reach the mountain.

In this remote region the traditional way of life has remained un- disturbed and there are many nomads of different ethnic minorities residing.

For example the Kazakhs who are Muslims and the Tuvans who are Buddhist and shamanistic.

This rock outcropping is the prominent feature beside the Tsengel Hairhan Glacier.

You’ll be rewarded by great views, looking to the glacier. Your panorama will include remote views of the TsambaGarav and Twin Peaks behind you and the Altai Tavan Bogd Peaks to the front.

  • 1

    Day 1. Arrive Olgii and Drive to Tsengel Hairhan Mountain (100 km)

    Arrive by air at Olgii airport and meet by our crew (Eng. Speaking guide and driver). Transfer to BW office. After lunch and tour briefing, drive to west (2-3 hrs). Reach the summer spending place of Kazakh nomadic families on the East-South part of Tsengel Hairhan Mountain. Overnight in Mongolian gers with full bedding. (LD)
  • 2

    Day 2. Hike by Hultsuut Valley

    Today, we load our luggage on the pack camels and start a trekking down by Hultsuut Valley. On the way, we stop next to rock-printings. Continue trekking upper valley and reach glacier lakes surrounded by rocky cliffs with ice tops. Spectacular views.
  • 3

    Day 3. Try to climb Tsengel Hairhan Peak (3940 m, 6-7 hrs)

    Non-technical and trekking difficulty level is moderate. Who choose easy level can do day hike up down the glaciers lakes. Overnights in gers with full bedding. (BLD)
  • 4

    Day 4. To Ak Korum Valley

    We will load again our equipment onto pack-camels and/or pack-horses. And trek yet another route out of Hulchuut Valley into upper Ak-Korym Valley. On the left, you will see Tsagaan-Asgat Uul (3575 m). Enjoy fantastic views of the Glacier Mountains around you. Overnight in ger with full bedding. (BLD)
  • 5

    Day 5. Towards Lake Har Nuur (15 km, 5-6 hrs)

    We will continue our trek up to Lake Har Nuur (2400 m), where you can have a nice view of beautiful green valleys and lakes, surrounded by colorful red mountains. We need to cross several small mountain rivers. When water level is high enough, you will ride a horses. Pitch a gers near Tuvan nomads. Visit Tuvan families and learn some nomadic skills. Overnight in ger with full bedding. (BLD).
  • 6

    Day 6. Jalanash Pass (2965 m)

    Today, we turn to south and cross Jalanash pass and come to Korymty valley. The Glacier Mountains will stay on the right and come into green meadow valley with many flowers around small glacier lake. Overnight in ger with full bedding. (BLD)
  • 7

    Day 7. Visit Eagle Hunter’s family and Drive to Olgii

    Drive to Sagsai and come to the Kazakh Eagle hunter’s family and feel the grade hospitality. The Mongolian Kazakhs use for hunting female eagles as far they are bigger mail ones and more aggressive. These eagles are trained to hunt fox, wolf, rabbit and wild cat. Staying with this you will learn some eagle hunting skills. Evening drive to Olgii and transfer to Blue Wolf gercamp. During a dinner you will enjoy with Kazakh short concert. Overnight at Blue Wolf ger camp/hotel. (BLD)
  • 8

    Day 8. Fly to UB

    After early breakfast, transfer to Olgii airport. (B)
Some recommendations
Summer months in Mongolia are from early June to mid September. Although the Mongolian summers are hot and dry with occasional rain, the temperature can fluctuate as much 5-10 degrees centigrade between day and night. /+20°+30° during a days and -+10°-5° of Celsius during a nights/
What to bring
Binoculars, sunscreen, a hat, gloves, long underwear for travel in the high mountains, comfortable footwear, lip balm, sanitary hand wipes, sunglasses, prescription medications (if needed),pills for motion sickness, rain gear, flashlight.
Western Mongolian families frequently move from one pasture to the other using camels. The services of some herdsmen will be hired by the expedition, and they will provide us with their animals.
A local guide who speaks English and Kazakh, Mongolian will accompany the group at all times. A cook will follow, with an assistant. In addition, the services of the local herdsmen will be hired along with their animals. The horsemen follow a traditional lifestyle in the areas where we will be riding.
Our cook will prepare the meals. We pride ourselves in having cooks adapt to both western and Mongolian cooking on our trips. There are always vegetables available, and we have no problem accommodating vegetarians on our trips. For breakfast we can buy fresh yogurt from the herdsmen in the local area sometimes.

Alternative connections to Olgii
If interested in entering or exiting across the land border with Russia, we can pick you up or drop you off at Gorno-Altaisk or Barnaul, in southern Siberia (Russia).
USD 905 per person (min 2 members)
Group size:2-18
Discounts available for groups.
English speaking guide, invitations, 4x4 transfers, 3 meals per day. Shared accomodations in gers, local nomads with pack camels/horses. Visit Eagle Hunter and his family.
210 USD (Occupancy: you can stay in a single, twin or double room/ger/tent (where applicable). Single occupancy may not be possible during the Naadam/eagle/any other festivals (July 5th -15th) at ger camps. At community-based camps and ger/teepee homestays, single occupancy is subject to availability. Single occupancy requires an extra supplement.)
Personal needs, camera fees for museums & monasteries, travel insurance, optional activities, laundry and alcohol drinks. ULN-ULG-ULN flights (Free luggage allowance is 15kg).
Single occupancy is USD 210.
SeasonJune 5 until September 30