TSAMBAGARAV NAT.PARK (self-guided/fixed), from USD 255, Mongolia LET'S PLAN YOUR TRIP

TSAMBAGARAV NAT.PARK (self-guided/fixed), from USD 255, Mongolia

Highlights of Mongolian Altai is high snow-capped mountains, glaciers, ancient archaeological sites and unique nomadic customs of locals, as Kazakh and Urianhai people. TsambGarav Nat.Park is located just in the middle way between Olgii and Hovd. It makes easy to organize your trip to Altai (specially, with local flights) keep cheaper trip cost and transport

Only here you can meet Kazakh Eagle hunters with their magnificent bird, which is trapped mostly from wild.

Only here you can meet Urianhai nomadic people, who have been the famous archery heroes of Chinggis Khaan

The mountain belt of the Mongol Altai with their perpetual snow, glaciers, traces and signs of ancient ice covers, has been well preserved due to a constantly cold climate and strong winds. The area is inhabited by some endangered animals (such as the Argali sheep, Ibex, Snow Leopard, Rock Ptarmigan and Altai Snowcock) and plants (such as the Dwarf Siberian Pine and White Gentiana).


These few days, staying in same camp-side, you can make day hike towards peak Tsast (4208 m), which is only one hour walk from camp. Excellent view from Tsast peak.

Another day hiking will be towards summer spending place of Kazakh nomadic people, where you can visit Kazakh Eagle hunter's family and see his magnificent bird.

Possible visit Kazakh Eagle hunter’s family and his magnificent bird. Even you can meet Ai-sholpan’s family (only female eagle hunter, see from link below )

A 13-year-old eagle huntress in Mongolia


Walking another part of this mountain, you will meet Urianhai nomads. Visiting Kazakh and Urianhai families, you have a chance to feel yourself their grade hospitality.

LOCATIONHigh Altai rocky mountains (2600 m-4208 m) with glaciers, high speed mountain rivers with white water and waterfalls.
HORSE and CAMEL RIDESHourly, half day or full day horse and camel rides can be organized at the additional cost. Picnic lunch can be provided from the camp.
TRANSFERSOperates ever week 2 times and are subsidized as shared stuff. It takes 2-3 hrs one way. On the way, you have a chance to enjoy remote spectacular mountain country.

You can order private drive at any time.

LOW IMPACT GERCAMPBLUE WOLF is entered into a concession agreement with local administration to bring additional jobs into the area based on traditional livelihoods.

So local herdsmen can rent their horses and camels, also our camp buys milk products from them. Vehicles are parked a short walk away from the camp.The camp does not have WC blocks. The toilets are long drop allowing for natural decomposition. Showers are organized in small ger with hot water by portable showers. The camp can be relocated leaving no more impact on the area, than herdsman family would.

PRICE: (min.2people)
  • 5ds/4nts-255 USD per person, min. 2 people
  • Single supplement-100 USD,
  • Additional night in camp-35 USD,
Include3 meals per day, 4 overnights in ger or tent, transfers to/from camp on scheduled dates.
ExcludesPersonal needs, laundry, and overnights in Ulgii.
DATESFrom BW office in Olgii: every Wednesday and Saturday, 10:00 a.m

From Tsamba camp: every Sunday, 10:00 a.m and Wednesday, 14:00 a.m

This tour can run from 15th of May until 1st of October