TURGEN and KHARKHIRAA TREK - TWIN PEAKS, 13 days, from 1445$, Western Mongolia LET'S PLAN YOUR TRIP

TURGEN and KHARKHIRAA TREK - TWIN PEAKS, 13 days, from 1445$, Western Mongolia

Highlights of Kharkhiraa and Turgen mountains of Mongolian Altai are snow capped mountains, glaciers, ancient archaeological sites, unique nomadic customs of local nomads as Dorvod, Hoton, Kazakh, Tuvan ethnic groups. This mountain range with eternal snow, glaciers, traces and signs of ancient ice covers, has well preserved due to constantly cold climate and cold winds. The area is inhabited with some endangered animals (such as Argali sheep, Ibex, Snow leopard and Altai snow cock) and plants (such as Dwarf Siberian Pine and White Gentians).

Twing Peaks – Kharkhiraa and Turgen are located in Uvs aimag- northwestern province, bordered to the north by Russia, the east by Zavkhan province, the south by Hovd province and the west by Bayan-Ulgii province. Uvs, which means grass in Mongolain, is land of desert mountains and big lakes (including Uvs lake – the biggest lake in Mongolia).

  • 1

    Fly to Olgii

    Arrive Olgii airport, meet by our team and transfer to Blue Wolf restaurant. After lunch, tour briefing and visit the local museum of Olgii town with comprehensive information of flora and fauna of Bayan-Olgii aimag as well as it colorful traditional costumes. Dinner with Kazakh Concert. Overnight in Kazakh felt gers. (LD)
  • 2

    Drive to Tenuugiin Am

    After early breakfast, we start our driving towards Twin Peak (Kharkhiraa-Turgen). On the way, stop for picnic lunch and some photo shooting near lake Achit. Achit Nuur is one of the largest freshwater lakes in Mongolia.There are stunning sunsets and sunrises and good fishing for grayling, lenok, Altai Osman and others. You can enjoy seeing spectacular and beautiful landscapes.
    After full day driving, we reach the valley-Tenuugiin gol. Meet our horse rangers (Gantomor's family). Visit local nomadic family and feel their grade hospitality. Overnight in tent. (BLD).
  • 3

    Trek to Zuun Salaan Belchir

    Pack our luggage on packing camels and start our trekking. Walking by this valley, we need to cross several small mountain rivers. When water level is high enough, you will ride a horses. Overnight in tent. (BLD).
  • 4

    Uliastai pass crossing (6-7 hr, 22-25 km, 2700 m)

    We will continue our trek up to Uliastai mountain pass,where you can have a nice view for beautiful snow capped peaks, green valleys and lake, surrounded by colorful red mountains. Walk down and picnic lunch on the shore of Khukh lake (Blue lake). This afternoon, we will trek along the lake and green valley. In the evening stop near Khujirt-small community center. Overnight in tent. (BLD).
  • 5

    Gyalsakh pass crossing (6-7 hr, 22-25 km, 2200 m)

    Trekking by green open valley and over Gyalsakh pass. On the way, we will cross river –Delgermurun. In the evening, come near Turgen river. Overnight in tent. (BLD)
  • 6

    Turgen mountains range (6-7 hr, 20 km, 2200-2400 m)

    Day excursion to one of the highest snow capped peaks of Turgen range,where you can see ever frozen snow and ice. Trek back to same camp side. Visit nomadic families and taste nomadic milk products. Overnight in tent. (BLD)
  • 7

    Five lakes (5-6 hr, 18 km, 3200-3400 m)

    Day hike towards 5 lakes, located at the altitude 3200m. Here you will enjoy snow capped high mountains, mountain lakes with blue-ice water, ice and snow, which are neighboring green grazes and colorful wildflowers. Overnight in tent. (BLD)
  • 8

    To Olon Nuuryn belcher (7-8 hr, 28 km, 2900 m)

    Long trekking day. Cross Kharkhiraa river and hike towards Olon Nuuryn Belchir, where are numerous small lakes, feeding from raining and underground sources. Some year, depending on rains, numbers of the lakes reach up-to 80. An half of the route will go through sloping landscape since flat area is muddy and wet dominated. Overnight in tent. (BLD)
  • 9

    Ereesen pass and Yamaat river (6-7 hr, 22-25 km, 3300 m)

    During today's trekking,you will cross Ereesen pass and Yamaat river. Then reach Irvest Am (narrow small canyon) of Yamaat Mountains, famous by its mountain goats(ibex). Overnight in tent. (BLD)
  • 10

    Rest day

    Soft hiking around. Overnight in tent. (BLD)
  • 11

    Yamaat river

    Today we will trek by narrow valley and cross three times Yamaat river by horse. On the way,you have a chance to see some rock printings and tombs. In the evening meet our cars in camp side place. Overnight in tent. (BLD)
  • 12

    Drive back to Olgii

    Full day drive(5-6 hr) to Olgii town. Overnight in Blue Wolf ger camp. (BLD)
  • 13

    Fly to UB

    Early breakfast and transfer to Olgii airport. (B)
Some recommendations Summer months in Mongolia are from early June to mid September. Although the Mongolian summers are hot and dry with occasional rain, the temperature can fluctuate as much 20 degrees centigrade between day and night. So be prepared for all weather conditions.
What to bring Binoculars, sunscreen, a hat, gloves, long underwear for travel in the high mountains, comfortable footwear, lip balm, sanitary hand wipes, sunglasses, prescription medications (if needed), rain gear, flashlight.
Transport Western Mongolian families frequently move from one pasture to the other using camels. The services of some herdsmen will be hired by the expedition, and they will provide us with their animals.
Staff A local guide who speaks English and Kazakh, Mongolian will accompany the group at all times. A cook will follow, with an assistant. In addition, the services of the local herdsmen will be hired along with their animals. The horsemen follow a traditional lifestyle in the areas where we will be riding.
Meals Our cook will prepare the meals. We pride ourselves in having cooks adapt to both western and Mongolian cooking on our trips. There are always vegetables available, and we have no problem accommodating vegetarians on our trips. For breakfast we can buy fresh yogurt from the herdsmen in the local area sometimes.
Alternative connections to Olgyi If interested in entering or exiting across the land border with Russia, we can pick you up or leave you at Gorno-Altaisk or Barnaul, in southern Siberia (Russia).
Price USD 1445 per person (min 2 members)
Group size: 2-18
Discounts available for groups.
Includes English speaking guide and 3 meals per day. All overnights gers (2nts) and tents (10nts) , camping gears and all local transport (ULN-ULG-ULN flights).
Excludes Personal needs, laundry and alcohol drinks. Visa fee.
Single cooupancy is USD 240.
Dates from June, 5 until October, 30