Why choose BWT?

Safe, responsible, sustainable and make you feel like at home

- Safety and responsibility are most important. Our cars are in good condition, a drivers have big experiences by tour-routes. Guides are learned first-aid medical help. Cooks use only fresh and qualitative products for meals.

Camping equipment are the best qualitative ones

Blue Wolf office will keep a control with our team during the tour.

- Blue Wolf Travel is a credible tour operator with a proper base (including own hotel and gercamps, office, restaurant and others).

- We made these itineraries our self based on our own explore and long term work with local community (herders, eagle hunters, handcraft people, local teachers....)

- We organize a training courses and workshops in the beginning of every season for guides, drivers, cooks and horse rangers.

- We have worked and working now with international organizations such like CBI (www.cbi.eu), ATTA (www.adventuretravel.biz), ATWS, PATA, Indy Guide (www.indy-guide.com) and others to improve our professional skills.