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Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked country in Central Asia, bordering Kazakhstan, China, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. It is farther from the sea than any other individual country, and all its rivers flow into closed drainage systems which do not reach the sea. The mountainous region of the Tian Shan covers over 80% of the country (Kyrgyzstan is occasionally referred to as "the Switzerland of Central Asia", as a result), with the remainder made up of valleys and basins.

Aug 26

Arrive Bishkek and drive to Kara Bulak (5-6 hrs)

Arrive Manas Airport near Bishkek city. Meet by our team and transfer to Bishkek for lunch. Tour briefing. After lunch, drive to eco-camp "Kara Bulak" where you will have the rest and lunch. "Kara Bulak" means "an ice-free". It is located at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level, in an ecologically clean area. Pure mountain air, picturesque places of the mountains, water from a natural source. On the way, short hike to the waterfall, which is called the “Pigeon water”. It is beautiful in both summer and winter. Water falls in the crevice along the steep rocks from a height of 40 meters. If you are lucky to find a flock of wild pigeons. Overnight in guesthouse. (LD)

Aug 27

Drive to Nat. Park Ala Archa and SuuSamyr (6-7 hrs, 230 km)

Nat. Park "Ala-Archa" is one of the most picturesque and popular places in Kyrgyzstan. The gorge is famous for its alpine flora and Mountain Rivers, which is surrounded by snowcapped high mountains. Continue our road through the pass Ashuu (3000 m). From the height of the pass opens a stunning panorama of the Suusamyr Valley. Photo break. Overnight in guesthouse. (BLD)

Aug 28

Drive to Lake Son Kul (6-7 hrs, 220 km)

Drive along the river Kekemeren and have a beautiful view of the multi-colored mountains. We drive through the gorge, overcoming the pass Kara Keche (3384 m). Reach the Lake Son Kul, situated at an altitude of 3000 m, also it is called the miracle of Tien Shan. On the shores of this magnificent lake, surrounded by mountains, spread huge pastures. It is believed that it is here preserved the life of nomads: white yurts, hospitable shepherds and thousands of sheep. Overnight in gercamp. (BLD)

Aug 29

Explore High Tian Shan Mountains, (4-5 hrs),

After breakfast, we drive towards Naryn gol. After beautiful mountain road “33 Parrots", we do soft hiking towards “Kajerty”- waterfall (25 m– 30 m) Continue our driving through the beautiful hilly passes, semi-deserts, rocky deep canyon, plains of sand, clay hills, and forested green grass. In the evening, come to Eagle Hunter’s family. Learn hunting skills with golden eagle and dogs “Taigan”. A pleasant acquaintance with national cuisine - lunch. Overnight with family. (BLD)

Aug 30

To Tosor Mountain, (6-7 hrs, 220 km)

Early breakfast, continue our driving to north, and first stop near the meeting point of big and small Naryn rivers, which is stunning mountain scenery. Short break on the top of Tosor Mountain (4020m), where you can enjoy the beauty of Lake Issyk-Kul - the pearl of Central Asia. Overnight in gercamp. (BLD)

Aug 31

To Red Rock Formations (6-7 hrs, 250 km)

Today our road goes by the southern coast of Lake Issyk-Kul, where we will explore a fantastic valley “Tale” and the gorge of “Jety Oguz- Seven Bulls" with beautiful red rock formations. Overnight in guesthouse in Karakol town. (BLD)

Sep 1-2

Explore Altyn Arasan Gorge and Lake Ala Kol

First day, drive by mountain truck 48 km (3-4 hrs) by “Altyn Arasan” gorge. with luxurious greenery and alpine meadows. Soft hiking around. After lunch, we start to hike by luxurious greenery and alpine meadows to Lake Ala Kol. Overnight in tent. (BLD) Second day, Explore the Lake Ala Kol (3532m). Crystal clear water of the lake is fed by glacier water and the outflow forms the waterfall. The color of the lake varies depending on the time of day, season and weather, it can be purple, dark blue or even pink. The lake lies in a desert valley surrounded by cliffs and snow-capped peaks. Walk down by same trail back to camp-side near Altyn Arasan hot springs. Lunch and possible bath in hot springs. Drive back to Karakol town. Overnight in guesthouse. (BLD)

Sep 3-4

World Nomad Games

The festival will be held on 3rd and 4th of Septembernear Cholpon Ata town. The following kind of games are in the program: Toguz Korgool – belongs to the “mankala” game family. The word “mankala” derives from the word “shift, move”. The importance and the role of the mankala games in Asia and Africa can be compared with the importance and role of chess in the Western world. Kyrgyz Kürösh – wrestling, turned into an independent combat element to train Dzhigits (young men - warriors) to battles. Speaking about its applied significance for the nomads in the medieval time, the Hungarian sport historian Lazlo Kun notes: “At the belt wrestling competitions men were trained to pull the escaping rival off the saddle by a sure hand in case of necessity”. Alysh belt wrestling – this kind of wrestling is one of the most ancient type of Kyrgyz wrestling. It is an ancient contact type of combat sport, at that two wrestlers fight dressed in clothes with belts. Ordo – one of the most popular Kyrgyz games, which came from the ancient times. The word Ordo itself means “a Khan palace or headquarters”. The game reproduces the battle for the palace’s usurpation. Kök börü – in English “A grey wolf”. Dzhigits on frisky and good bottom horses organized pursuit of a horde of wolves. Catching it, one lifted a running wolf from the ground and threw it to each other, and playing even pulled it off each other. Er enish – traditional Kyrgyz wrestling of horsemen. The rules and accessories of this kind of wrestling prove that this type was brought forth by military necessities and served military objectives. Performance of Kyz kuumai – catch a girl and Tyiyn enmei – lift a coin from the ground at full tilt. The championship of horsemen on pacing horses and other. Overnight in guesthouse. (BLD)

Sep 5

 Drive back to Bishkek through Cholpon Ata town (4-5 hrs, 250 km)

After breakfast, soft hike by the protected area of ancient rock paintings of the Bronze Age - petro-glyphs (2000 BC. - 4 century A.D.) And visit the cultural complex "Rukh Ordo", translated from Kyrgyz means "Spiritual Center" or "Hail the Blessed". The main idea of the Center - God is one for all, so here are five major world religions - Orthodoxy, Islam, Buddhism, Catholicism and Judaism. Five white chapels represent these five religions. All the same chapel, which emphasizes the equality of religions. Within each of the chapel of the relics are kept, reflecting the essence of the religion. Here the special atmosphere, a great place for meditation. In evening, reach Bishkek city and transfer to 3* hotel. (BLD)

Sep 6

Depart Bishkek

Early breakfast and transfer to Manas airport. (B) Leave Kyrgyzstan with full of unforgettable memories.

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