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Scotty E Melbourne, Australia

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Feb 12, 2015, 7:04 AM


I travelled for 2 weeks with BW in September 2014 to see the Eagle festival and to spent some time with the local hunters and their family. I also visited Tavan Bogd NP.

I contacted BW by e-mail several months in advance to let them arrange my whole trip (local flights to and from UB, Toyota landcruiser with driver, guide and cook, all food and drinks, visit to the festival, homestay with the hunters.....).

I have to say that, despite all the negative comments in this topic, I really have NO complaints at all !!!

Canat contacted me many times,and arranged everything in a correct matter. My female guide spoke quite good English, the cook did a good job, the driver drove me around very safe.

I did not haggle much about the price that was according to me correct (I travelled solo for the whole trip and that I have made very clear before signing up).

Of course you have to keep in mind that you are travelling in Western Mongolia and that the conditions are sometimes harsh, it's not Paris, London or NY !!!

After all I would certainly travel wih BW again! They did a nice job keeping the local difficulties in mind and with limited resources.

Scotty E Melbourne, Australia

My girlfriend and I recently undertook a trip to the Golden Eagle Festival in Western Mongolia organised by Blue Wolf Travel. Prior to arriving I had read many horror stories about this particular operator, however our experience with Blue Wolf was nothing but positive. We had a number of specific requests – personal 4WD (Landcruiser), guide and driver, meeting with an eagle hunters' family and separate accommodation. At all stages the Blue Wolf team accommodated our needs and contributed to one of the most amazing holidays we have ever been on.I wish to make specific mention of our fantastic guide Zoya and wonderful driver Askhart. Their good humour and professionalism made our tour a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Zoya and Askhart were more than willing to take us to additional sites, go fishing, stop for photos whenever we wanted, attend a wrestling match and provide an introduction to the Kazakh culture that will remain with us always.I also want to address some of the concerns raised by others regarding Blue Wolf. This company offers competitive rates and A-Class service that has surpassed anything that I have previously experienced in Mongolia. Having traveled extensively throughout Africa and Asia I understand that sometimes things go wrong and circumstances change. This simple fact seems lost on many of the detractors of Blue Wolf. During our visit with the company there were tourism trainers from Europe assisting the company to further improve their customer service offering. My advice to anyone considering booking a tour with Blue Wolf is to go for it. I know we would definitely use them again.

Great Britian

Mary O'Connor

Dear Canat

I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU for organising such a fantastic trip, we had an amazing time. The three days Eagle hunting and training Balapan were out of this world, and the Eagle festival, an fabulous experience.

Thank you also for creating this special group for Hiroke and me, Bashakhan and Serxhan were the best Eagle hunters ever, we really enjoyed being with them, Aquaramel cooked delicous food, we were never hungry, and she is such a sweet person, Mohamed was a great driver, always so pleasant nice and humerous and Duat was simply very excellent as our guide. We felt so well looked after by your team and every day was a wonderful experience spending time with them


All the best

sarah hertzog

Dear Canat,

I just wanted to thank you and your team for ensuring that we had a fantastic trip with Blue Wolf.

It was fortuitous that our itinerary was changed, as we got to see Nadaam in Ulgii and spend more time with the Eagle Hunter family and neighbours. Your planning of our itinerary exceeded our expectations, with a fantastic personal meeting with the throat singer, our meeting with the shamen and our extended visit with the eagle hunters, which was an absolute highlight.

The team were excellent, with the cook making great food and leading the crew expertly, our driver was brilliant and our guide/interpreter although very new to this was enthusiastic and shows a lot of promise. The only let down, which can be easily improved is the state of the bathrooms at the ger camp.

I will definitely recommend Blue Wolf and will to use you again when I return to Mongolia, as I would love to come to see the Eagle Hunters Festival.

I have taken pictures of the eagle hunters and their families. Would it be easy if I sent them over to you, so they can be taken by your next trip team.

Kind regards,


Dear Jim:

I've been in contact with my Kazakh friend, Canat Cheryiasdaa about your interests. Canat and I worked together on National Geographic films and set up and operated the film shoots for Gregory Colbert, Ashes and Snow. You've probably seen Colbert's work before. Canat also works closely with world renouned photographer, David Edwards whose work about the Eagle Hunters is the best I've seen. David is a good freind and frequent traveller to Mongolia. Canat runs the very best show in the Altai and knows all the Eagle Hunters. He sponsors the annual Eagle Festival in Ulygii. We did a ten day horse, camel ride down the Altai Mountain chain which still brings smiles to my face. He can customize a great trip for you and also and handles upfront Ulaanbaatar time. Attached are two of his trips on his website. Of course you can shift dates, itineraries etc., to match your interest.

Best Regards
Thomas L. Kelly
TeleFax# 977-1-443-8883, 443-1954
Mobile# 977-98510-26738
P.O.B: 1406, C/O Summit Hotel, Kathmandu, Nepal,

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