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I must say I have never heard a better compliment given to any man

then what Donald McGough gave about you. He refered to you as a Thomas

Jefferson of Mongolia. I having been a history teacher, take that to be an

awesome compliment.


>Thus, I would like to begin to plan our trip with you.

Frank Liu


Dear Canat,

This note is LONG overdue. I have been composing it in my mind for the past 6 months. I want to thank you on behalf of myself and my mother for a magical, heart-felt and soulful trip to the Altai. Key to the magic was our beautiful, kind, smart, and talented crew: Unergul, Mohammed, and Janka. I feel not only did we have brilliant guides, companions, and cooks, I connected in real friendship with them and think about them often. I am in touch with Janka via Facebook, but do not know how to contact Unergul and Mohammed. Please send them my warm greetings and well wishes! I have finally gone through the mountain of photos I took while in the Altai, and am about to put in an order for photographs so that I can give copies to Mohammed, Unergul, and Janka - and also to the wonderful families with whom we stayed. I am concerned about sending them by mail since our check to you never arrived. I remember your son was coming to the US to study, and wonder if he will be returning to Mongolia any time soon, and if so, if there is a way I could give them to him to give to you to give to all parties concerned? I see also that Asholpan and her family are at the Sundance Film Festival. I don't know if they will be traveling through New York, but if so, I have photos I would like to give to them as well.

I'm attaching a couple photos here. I don't know if the magic translates if you weren't there, but they bring all the magic back to me. Please share with Unergul and Mohammed!

Best regards,
Julia Dengel

Julia Dengel from USA, New York.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Canat :

Please again accept our appreciation for your arrangement of our tour which we enjoyed very much during our stay in Ulgii. In addition stayed at your home made us feeling at home and your hospitality has left us an unforgettable good impression and all your family members are so nice and we feel we are brothers and sisters. I understand why your biz growing so fast and I believe most of the tourists who come to you will have the same feeling with me. Wish your biz faster and stronger.

As I mentioned your family members will always welcomed to contact with me when they are in Beijing especially Tianjin,my hometown.

Best regards,

Frank Liu / 刘庆鹏


We deliver project

3rd floor, Nissan Center, 2nd khoroo,

Sukhbaatar district, Sun Road-13,

Ulaanbaatar-14251, Mongolia

Email address:;

Office phone: (976) 7010 8881

Fax :(976) 7010 8885

Mobile phone: (976) 88115611

Hilik Magnus

hey canat,

first i would like to thank you and your entire team for your great help in the rescue of tal and daniel.

you did a great job and we and their families are very pleased and grateful

please send me a summery of all the costs with all the details so we can transfer the money as soon as possible.

best regards,

thank u we r gratfull for your effort

hope to c u soon i had been in Mongolia several times

next time i will visit u

Hilik Magnus
Founder & chief rescue officer

Magnus International Search & Rescue

Toval 20, Ramat-Gan 52522 Israel

M: +972-50-8899699

T: +972-3-8006808

F: +972-3-7515529

Emergency 24/7: +972-3-6006505

Scotty E Melbourne, Australia

Hiroko Ohta <>


Thanks for arranging my trip with many experience.

I just come back on 4th Jan and feel alone separated from Ulgi.

During my stay I spent very comfortable days owe to Blue Wolf Staff & local people.

Dauit: helping me always, Muhamet: making peaceful time for me always, Janka:taking care for me always like my mother.

Thanks to them, They are really superb ! I feel they are not travel guides but my family.

And special thanks to Bachakhan's family.

Their hospitality is the best of best, Beyond of my imagine, I was treated as like as their family members.

I was alloed to take part in Asmrat's(Bachakhan's grand child) Tusau Kesu and cut a rope tied his legs.

What an amazing happening !!! It was my best great honor which stays in my heart forever.

I respect all of them.

Shilbeck's (Jilbeck) family.

He kindly invited me for lunch and treated big meal. His father is a really great and I was moved by their pure pride of Kazakh.

Meeting time was short but this memory is shining in my heart.

Mana's family.

Very loving Mana ! We are given a warm hospitality and he showed donbra & song.

His word is wisdom and give me deep knowledge of Kazakh.

His wife showed me beautiful TusKiz producted by herself.

Staying at their place I felt my spirit was purified and fulfilled with new energy.

My country Japan is managed by modern technology but a lot of problems from lack of heart.

We can find a key of life-way in kazakh culture to make our own society better, I think.

Living modestly,knowing our own limitation,taking care for each other...and enjoy life.

I was attracted totaly and want to know more their world, culture and the wisdom to survive in nature.

Next time I want to see summer life on July or August ( or Sep, maybe last of December as same as this trip )

Wishing all happiness and prosperity in Ulgi.

I miss you , Ulgi.



Doug Samuelson



Nov 20

I want to thank you for arranging such a great trip for me. It was perfect and exactly what I wanted. Your hospitality was appreciated and hope I can repay you some day. I still will be sending the eagle hunter his pictures by way of you but I don't have them ready yet. Take care and I hope to find a time soon to get back and see more of Mongolia.
Doug Samuelson

Re: Feedback on Blue Wolf tour please .... (from
Scotty E Melbourne, Australia

6. Re: Feedback on Blue Wolf tour please ...

Feb 12, 2015, 7:04 AM


I travelled for 2 weeks with BW in September 2014 to see the Eagle festival and to spent some time with the local hunters and their family. I also visited Tavan Bogd NP.

I contacted BW by e-mail several months in advance to let them arrange my whole trip (local flights to and from UB, Toyota landcruiser with driver, guide and cook, all food and drinks, visit to the festival, homestay with the hunters.....).

I have to say that, despite all the negative comments in this topic, I really have NO complaints at all !!!

Canat contacted me many times,and arranged everything in a correct matter. My female guide spoke quite good English, the cook did a good job, the driver drove me around very safe.

I did not haggle much about the price that was according to me correct (I travelled solo for the whole trip and that I have made very clear before signing up).

Of course you have to keep in mind that you are travelling in Western Mongolia and that the conditions are sometimes harsh, it's not Paris, London or NY !!!

After all I would certainly travel wih BW again! They did a nice job keeping the local difficulties in mind and with limited resources.

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