We understand, that Community Based Tourism is a type of touism that aims to include local communities.

Our philosophy is to meet other on equal terms, learn from them and allow them to gain as much from this meeting.

Travel is privilege, with it comes the responsibility of ensuring our presence does not erode the things that make our destinations special.

We encourage all our travelers to treat the communities we travel through with respect. So we ask our travelers to respect local people wishes. Sometimes local people here are not comfortable with taking photographs.

On many our trips, we spend time travelling through pristine areas where human presence is minimal and ensure that they remain unspoilt. We are carefull to take all of our rubbish away with us and try to leave no trace that we have been there.

Our local partners, who work with us (nomadic families, horserangers, teachers, cooks, drivers and others), are key to what we do and relationships built over many years, mean that many of them have become great friends. So we take our responsibilities seriously to ensure that our actions benefit the communities we travel through.

Read more here: http://aborinet.cefe.cnrs.fr/spip.php?page=article…

We try to include community based tourism projects within our itineraries-such like organizing Mongolia-Altai Nomad’s and Mongolia-Altai Eagle Festivals over 15 years.

Such projects give number of advantages to locals, from preserving wild environments to encouraging unique local traditions to be maintained, that might otherwise be lost.