Gobi Express

Gobi Express

Theme Nomadic living, short escape, adventure

From $1350

Group size1-12

Duration 5 days

Intro text

    • Explore the Gobi desert
    • Visit Sand dunes
    • Flaming cliffs & dinosaur fossils
    • Join Groups

Why choose this tour

    • Take a refreshing swim in the purest waters in the world. It will be an experience of a lifetime.
    • Drive to the South of Mongolia & Explore the Gobi desert
    • Enjoy camel riding among the locals and get to learn more about their amazing nomadic life

Services included

    • Shared accommodation at Ger camps
    • Private transfers
    • English speaking guide
    • All meals as listed
    • All entrance fee
    • Camel ride
    • Mongolian barbecue
    • Letter of Invitation

Services not included

    • Personal expenses
    • Optional activities
    • Camera fee for museum & monastery
    • Travel Insurance www.WorldNomads.com
    • Single supplement
    • Personal needs
    • Laundry and alcoholic drinks.
    • Single occupancy USD $80


Day 1Drive to Gobi
After meeting your guide at your hotel’s lobby at 7:00 am, board the vehicle and travel south to the Gobi desert. We will drive for about 8 hours (550 km), & stop for lunch, which is the mid-point of today’s drive and in the South Gobi’s provincial capital of Dalanzadgad, where you will be able to get some snacks and other supplies. Arrive at the nomadic family for dinner. The family’s location is usually very close to the entrance of the Yol Am gorge, where you will venture tomorrow, but since they are nomads, it will vary depending on the time of the year. For dinner enjoy nomadic homemade food – if you wish, you will also have a chance to try your hand at Mongolian cooking. In the evening there will be time to socialize with your nomadic hosts over homemade vodka made of fermented mare’s milk, or alternatively for some incredible stargazing of the clear, Gobi sky.
Overnight you will stay at an authentic guest ger next to a nomadic family. Lunch and dinner are included.
After a homemade Mongolian breakfast, travel 10-20km to Yol Am, the Vulture Valley. The vehicle will wait at the gorge’s entrance, from where you will need to venture on foot. Yol Valley is notable for a deep ice field, which is several meters thick by the end of winter and is several kilometers long. In the summer there is usually less ice, but you should still be able to walk on it. The area is also a habitat of ibex and birds of prey and you may be spot wildlife on top of the cliffs. After returning to the vehicle, continue your journey deeper on the trails to the Khongor Els dunes. Keep a lookout for gazelles and birds of prey as you drive – the scenery is beautiful and populated by a plethora of wildlife. Tonight you will stay in a guest ger next to a local camel herding family. Enjoy the hospitality in their ger where you will be able to try camel milk and other traditional Mongolian specialties. After dinner, if you wish, drive to the dunes and enjoy the spectacular sunset view from the top – or you can see the sunrise over the dunes tomorrow morning.
Overnight you will stay in a guest ger next to a camel herders family. (B,L,D)
Before breakfast, if you didn’t see the sunset last night, drive a short distance to the dunes for the spectacular sunrise. Otherwise, enjoy home cooked breakfast while your camels are being prepared and take a 2-hours camel ride alongside the dunes. Afternoon schedule is flexible: You can visit a camel herding family living nearby.Alternatively, you may want to go for a longer hike in the area, along the river or to the dunes and take amazing photos, or just rest and enjoy the beautiful scenery – discuss your preferences with your guide.
Overnight stay in a guest ger next to a local family. (B,L,D)
After breakfast, say goodbye to your hosts and travel off-road to Bayanzag for 5 hours (150km). During the scenic drive, you are likely to see wild gazelles as they run along – it’s difficult for vehicles to catch up with them! On the way, you will stop at an ancient sacred site of Khavtsgait, where on top of a rocky hill there are hundreds of ancient stone engravings, called petroglyphs. Some of them are as old as 3000 BC and were painted by hunters while waiting for prey. The site also offers wonderful views over the desert. Have lunch in a village of Bulgan and soon after you will arrive at Bayanzag Flaming Cliffs. It was here that the first dinosaur eggs were discovered by an American explorer Roy Chapman Andrews, and the area remains one of the most famous pale ontological sites in the world. Stroll for an hour or two among the flaming-red cliffs where the dinosaurs once roamed and in the evening travel a short distance to a nomadic family living nearby, where you will stay tonight. Arrive on time for dinner and settle in your ger for your last night in the Gobi.
Overnight you will stay in a guest ger next to a nomadic family.(B,L,D)
Day 5Drive Back to Ulaanbaatar
Today you head back to Ulaanbaatar, it’s a long drive of 550km (7-8 hours) so you may want to start early. You will stop for lunch in Mandalgovi and you should arrive in the capital by 6 pm. Once back in town, you will be dropped at your hotel or another location of your choice.
Breakfast and lunch are included.
Gobi Express

5 days

From $1350

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    • Prices: As we’ll customize your journey based on your preferences and needs, please note that this indicative price is just a rough estimate. Prices may vary depending on season, type of accommodation and activities/experiences chosen (private vs. shared) etc.
    • This journey outline is by no means conclusive. It is just a guideline and can be tailored according to your comfort level, interests and preferences for every detail from accommodation to activities.
    • Health: Travellers to Mongolia should ensure that they are up-to-date with routine vaccination courses and it may be advised that further vaccines are sought. Please talk to a health professional 4 – 6 weeks before travelling. It is recommended that most travellers are vaccinated for Hepatitis A and Tetanus but it is also worth discussing Hep B, Typhoid, Meningitis, Tuberculosis, Tick-borne Encephalitis and Rabies.
    • Long bumpy rides: Be prepared for some epic long car rides in some old school furgons (Russian UAZ vans). As few of the vans have speakers or a method of playing music, you might like to bring along your own portable speakers and an MP3 player (but bear in mind others may like to enjoy the serenity!) It is not unheard of for people to feel a little travel sick, so if you are prone to this, remember to bring your tablets and feel free to ask your guide/driver to stop as frequently as you wish.
    • Guide:
      An English speaking Mongolian guide will accompany the group at all times. The guide will be a native Mongolian person with great local knowledge who can deal with any requests and ensure that your holiday to become one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life.
    • Occupancy: Single $80
      You can stay in a single, twin or double room/ger/tent (where applicable). Single occupancy may not be possible during the Naadam festival (July 5th -15th) at ger camps. At community-based camps and ger homestays, single occupancy is subject to availability. Single and twin/double occupancy at ger camps require an extra supplement.
    • The best time to make this trip
      May to September is the best season, with the peak season in July for the Naadam Festival. July and August are also the wettest months of the year, but be assured, our climate is such that you will still have many sunny days at this time.
    • Accommodation:
      We believe that comfortable, welcoming accommodation is vital to the enjoyment of your trip. You will be stay in a standard 3-4 star hotel in Ulaanbaatar and a tourist ger camp (traditional dwelling) with currency (220V), shower and other useful services (2 to 4 people per ger) in the countryside. All accommodation offered by Blue Wolf is personally checked by our staff to ensure high standards.​Meals:
      In Ulaanbaatar, you will be dining at fine European and Asian cuisine restaurants. Mutton, beef, rice and noodles form the basis of the Mongolian diet, so your meals will be based around this. However, the trail rations may include vegetables, eggs, peanut butter, cheese and sometimes yak! On some days there will be lunchboxes from tourist camps. It is good food and our experience has been that guests are happy with this arrangement. Please let us know in advance if you are a vegetarian. Alcohol is not provided on the trip but tourists are free to bring their own.
    • Transport:
      We use the highest level, most comfortable, air-conditioned private vans or 4WD vehicles for the maximum comfort on your touring days. A day’s drive in the countryside will be approx 200-250km.
    • ​Personal things to bring with you:
      Binoculars, sunscreen, a hat, gloves, long underwear for travel in the high mountains, comfortable footwear, lip balm, sanitary hand wipes, sunglasses, prescription medications (if needed),pills for motion sickness, rain gear, flashlight, universal plugins for charger
    • Alternative connections to Olgyi: Entering or exiting across the land border with Russia, we can pick you up or leave you at Gorno-Altaisk or Barnaul, in southern Siberia (Russia).
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